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What people are saying!

February 24th, 2009 by Aaron

“Aaron Conrad brings skill and effective character based choreography to his stage fight work. Aaron helped even the least experienced students feel very comfortable in a short span of time in his workshop with my regular Drama classes as well as the cast of my show. I would definitely recommend Aaron’s work as instructor and stage fight choreographer.”
Leanne Padmos
Drama Teacher, Forest Lawn High School

“Aaron’s stage fights are a perfect blend of skill and showmanship. He can take actors of any skill level, from seasoned stage fighters to novices, and teach them a fight that is spectacular to watch, safe for the performers and in line with the story and characters. And he’s seldom satisfied: if there’s a way to make the fight a little bigger, a little more fun, he’ll find it.”
Dan Gibbins
Artistic Director, Scorpio Theatre