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Big inning!

May 10th, 2009 by Aaron

Its been a busy few months at StC, so lets not mince words and get right down to it. Here’s what’s new in the Crowd…

– The broadsword workshop went off without a hitch and I was thrilled with fights that all the students put together by the end of the weekend. Nicely done one and all!

– As a result of said workshop, StC is the proud owner of a half dozen new broadswords which will be available for rental. They’re gorgeous and have held up better than I could have dreamed to the rigors of combat. I’ll be throwing up a link to the supplier soon, keep your eyes open. And don’t let the website fool you… these weapons are awesome!

– The Members page is up! You can check it out on the side bar. Not a member yet? Better keep your eye peeled for the next StC throw down and get ready to get dirty!

So what’s next?

– A new rentals page will be up soon showing off the available stock to be rented out for your show or costume!

– A couple of secret projects are in the pipe right now. I can’t get into too much details, but keep your eyes open for some updates soon. Spoiler alert: Assassins in the woods and Zombies walking the streets of Calgary!

– StC will getting a make-over sometime soon. Check back for the new look!

– You all remember that photo shoot I mentioned? The final pictures are coming in slowly. The gallery should be up soon but here’s a little something to whet your whistle:


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